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Our design process is more perfect
Complete preparation: we produce by following the budget preparation for the whole design diagram. Our Procurement cycle is more reasonable, shorten the cycle calculation is more comprehensive: we can make the most ideal plan on the costs for the further consultation between the two parties.


The rationalization of quality management
Audit tolerance to the acceptance of the degree of difficulty, set the key size ratio. Greatly enhance the quality control.


Processing and manufacturing is more precise.
Big torque: improve precision, reduce the error rate
Intelligent: the computer control of the high power pressure resistance welding machine manufacturing, more robust.


Hommization Delivery
By EMAIL, fax, meeting and the Meeting consultation on production, the implementation of the delivery of the terms of delivery.Meeting delivery audit, prevent all kinds of mistakes
        Yantai Haocheng Steel Bar Grating Company is a joint stock science and technology enterprise, our company is engaged in professional production and processing of steel grid and metal grating of modern enterprise. We introduce the advanced steel grid equipment and technology from abroad, we own the leading system of the steel grid plate design in the domestic market; can provide the users with the perfect steel grid layout designs. ...
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