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Yantai Haocheng Steel Grating Co.,Ltd.

Yantai Haocheng Steel Bar Grating Company is a joint stock science and technology enterprise, our company is engaged in professional production and processing of steel grid and metal grating of modern enterprise. We introduce the advanced steel grid equipment and technology from abroad, we own the leading system of the steel grid plate design in the domestic market; can provide the users with the perfect steel grid layout designs.

Our company has strong technical force, high level of professionalism, we have the advanced steel grid plate manufacturing and processing equipment and construction technology; Not only our products are best on the appearance quality, dimensional tolerances and welding quality, but all our products are reached and exceeded the national standards for YB/T4001.1-2007 industry.

Our company has the strongest technical strength and management level, we can design the steel structure plan, elevation, the axis of figure, the contact graph by computer according to the user’s graph, we work out the layout drawing of the steel grid plate, steel grid plate layout map processing steel lattice plate products and guide the user to do the installation accordingly.

Steel lattice plate products surface is in the shape of a square, compared with the surface of the steel plate and concrete, it has some important characteristics, such as light weight, high strength, ventilation, light, non slip, convenient installation and disassembly, beautiful appearance, etc. The surface of our products have been painted or galvanizing processed, so it has a strong anti erosion ability and can be used in any occasion to replace pattern plate laying, and it has been widely used as platforms, corridors, pipe rack, ladders, steps, drainage covers, gully cover, etc in the files of metallurgy, electric power, building materials, chemical industry, shipbuilding and other industries.

In the production process, our company pays attention to product quality, so we have established a complete quality assurance system; with the unified leadership of the company quality management leading group, we also establish the management office, quality inspection station, and we constantly improve the enterprise internal rules and regulations and internal standard of the products so that we can well control the products of raw materials, processing, manufacturing, inspection and testing etc. We have set up quality control plans on the main processing procedures, we prepared with bearing experiment table, surface coating thickness detector, such as equipment, strengthen the means of detection, which can well ensure the quality of our products are more safe and reliable.

Since our company has been putting into production, we have served our steel lattice plate products for the power industry such as Hebei No.1 electric power construction company of Longshan power plant project department, Beijing electric power construction company project, Heze Power Plant project, Yongji thermal power plant project; petrochemical industry such as China Petroleum first construction company project, Yunnan Province, the eighth construction company project; iron and steel industry such as Beijing Shougang Group projects, Hebei 22nd Metallurgical Construction Company project, Hebei 19th Metallurgical Construction Corporation projects; chemical industry such as mountain big Walter Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. And we generally won our user's highly praise.

Our company adhere to the customer first, the credibility of the first principle of service, “Respecting Contract, Keeping Promise " we keep serving customers with the best quality and efficient services.

Yantai Haocheng Steel Bar Grating Company is located in Fushan District, Yantai City, Shandong Peninsula in the beautiful seaside city, convenient transportation, with the three highway, Yantai Weihai highway, railway transportation and the national railway network connections, direct access to the domestic each big city. Yantai Hao Steel Bar Grating Co., Ltd. produce the products with the most reliable quality and reasonable price, we offer delivery timely, quick service after-sales and thoughtful service, we spare no efforts to do our best services for you.